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Amazon Dunfermline
Amazon Dunfermline

CA Roofing Services has an enviable track record of delivering quality projects for key clients.

With an industry-wide reputation for innovative thinking, CA Roofing Services pioneered the use of safety nets in industrial roofing.  The company also stipulates the use of sequential sheeting on projects as a prerequisite, due to the associated improvement in site safety and installation speed.

CA Roofing Services has entered into partnership agreements with the most forward-thinking clients and contractors in the construction sector leading to ground-breaking projects such as ProShed; a unique collaboration led by ProLogis.  The project culminated in the first ProShed, a 15,000m² warehouse in Daventry which went from project commencement to opening for business in just 55 days.

Prologis Kettering under construction

Today’s modern buildings require much shorter construction programmes in order to allow the tenant quicker access to the new facility. The Twin-Therm® roof and wall system incorporates the use of lightweight components which accelerate the programme, allowing the main contractor to commence the interal works more quickly. On a 80,000 m² facility for Bosch the roof was installed in just 8 weeks.

CA Roofing Services has a wealth of experience throughout all aspects of the metal building envelope.

Monday, December 5th, 2011